This is another blog post from our young TY student. This week he writes about life during the Pandemic of Covid-19. His piece also highlights the need for a new school building for Crana College. The college have been petitioning for this new build now for 25 years. Surely, in the current crisis, this must be brought to the fore.

He also shows that there has been good and positive to come out of this experience too.

School and Life during Coronavirus

Schools have recently reopened since the lockdown due to coronavirus. Schools now have to be very strict with the rules relating to social distancing, hand sanitising etc. The school that I go to doesn’t have the best space for social distancing so we have to follow a one way system and wear masks in most of the classrooms, if there isn’t enough room to distance. This highlights how much we do need a new school during all this.

      Overall it isn’t that bad for my class as we are put in an off campus classroom and we are able to take off our masks with the space available. The masks can be annoying at times but I can understand the fact that no-one wants to do it and it’s just for safety amongst other things. Now with Donegal being moved into Phase 3 it is most likely that people will be more wary with what’s going on. The school now rarely does anything on paper and most of it is online work to prevent the amount of contact with each other.  

      Life outside of school has slowed down as well. For some people this was a positive outcome because people got to sort out things they didn’t have time to do previous, so it was a breather. Then again, it prevented people from meeting up with others and going on holiday over the summer also. For me personally it was fine and it was a good break from school after the Junior Cert. 

      I don’t want it to seem that I think this whole pandemic is good at all, just it didn’t just bring only negatives. Hopefully now it dies down soon and nothing gets out of hand. However, around the country and the world at large, we all need to be extra careful and do everything to end the pandemic as soon as possible.

GMcC and DR