Nestled right in the very heart of Muff village, The Squealing Pig really is the heart and soul of Muff. Oh if those walls could talk, there’d be many a story…. Alas those walls cannot, and will not, talk: therefore what happens in the Pig, stays in the Pig!

Like all pubs nationwide The Squealing Pig closed it’s doors mid-March this year and no-one foresaw what lay ahead. Certainly no-one envisaged that it would be 6 months later before those pub doors would re-open. Tomorrow will see just that, the re-opening of many pub doors.

Tomorrow The Squealing Pig will be open for business and it is well and truly ready to welcome it’s customers through the doors once more. Alas, the door arrangement has changed. Brian and all his staff here have made some amazing changes to adhere to the guidelines ensuring the safety of all customers and staff.

Entry to the pub is now via the beer garden – the gates on the Moville side of the bar. This will take you into the bar area where seating is strictly numbered and socially distanced. Every second table will be cordoned off. The fire still burns brightly and awaits its companionship and comradeship tomorrow. When the bar area is filled to guideline capacity, the lounge area will provide the extra seating needed. Again, tables are all numbered and socially distanced.

Weather permitting, the beer garden area is also ready to welcome customers to sit there and enjoy some autumn sunshine. All socially distanced and providing a great outdoor space.

Departure from the bar and lounge areas will be via the doors leading onto Muff main street. This one way system is in operation to allow fluidity for customers at all times.

There will be no standing area at the bar and all service is done via ‘table service.’ This is very new for the staff here at The Squealing Pig, so do be patient and supportive of them as they adjust to the new way of working.

There are many changes to visiting our local pub from tomorrow, but these changes are all to ensure the safety and good health of the community. It’s of utmost importance that people visiting The Squealing Pig, and indeed all our pubs, do so with respect and good will to all they will meet and encounter there.

Some things however have not changed in our local pub. The flowers are blooming…the bar is gleaming….the fire is burning and welcoming. Brian and his team are working hard in preparation of reopening tomorrow. The same friendly welcome awaits, the same good beer is ready to pour. And the same good craic can still be had.

To everyone opening their pubs tomorrow, here’s wishing you lots of luck and good business going forward. To The Squealing Pig, here’s to seeing the heart of Muff come alive once more.

Lads, make mine a pint of the black stuff!!!