As the country embarks upon stage 3 of re-opening tomorrow morning, it’s of utmost importance that we as a community and parish continue working together to ensure the safety and health of everyone here.

One of the restrictions being lifted is church opening and services. With a maximum of 50 people allowed at indoor gatherings and social distancing very much remaining in place, this continues to impede on our priests and their ability to return to mass for all.

This morning Fr. Farren explained that he will continue saying daily mass via the web camera at St. Patrick’s Iskaheen over the next two weeks. With the capacity of our three churches, he said that Iskaheen would be allowed up to approximately 30 people at mass, Muff approximately 75 people and Drung approximately 50 people. ( I may have got Muff and Drung wrong way around!!!!)

Fr. Farren explained the work which needs to go into holding mass again in our churches. Stewards are going to be needed to ensure people adhere to all the guidelines and help protect the parishioners as we go to mass. The entire structure of entering the church, sitting in church and exiting church has all to change. And in order for all this to happen, help is very much needed.

Until now Fr. Farren has continued to say daily mass and has worked tirelessly keeping the parish going in every way possible. He has been a strength to us all in these recent times, as always. But now, he needs help to continue and to move forward in these very times.

Anyone who might be willing to assist with this work should make contact with Fr. Farren and help him build a core of people around him and the parish to help us move forward.

Our phrase for this new way of living is #InThisTogether so lets continue to work together within our parish.