As I begin to prepare Sunday lunch today I got to thinking about the impending ‘cook book’ that could surely come from McColgans Butchers here in Muff.

I was there yesterday buying my meat for Sunday lunch. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a fan of cooking and normally leave this ‘chore’ to the husband and sons (they’re the real chefs here), but on Sundays I do try!!!!

As I was buying the said meat, both Conor and Thomas were talking about different ways to cook it and the variety of gravy to use whilst doing such. This is a weekly occurrence with these two. I normally end up telling them to cook the meat for me and I’ll return to collect (alas, that has yet to happen!!)

One of them remarked a gravy that the ‘older people’ always use….’this is the gravy I like around the roast’ said the other. In the end I ended up buying two types of gravy and today the meat is made up with a mix of those very gravy’s!!

But it’s not just the ‘Sunday roast’ where they give cooking advice on meat. It might be turkey sausages, turkey burgers, mince steak (they’ll advise on whether a certain dish should use ‘mince steak’ or ‘ordinary mince’) and just about every cut of meat they have.

Maybe it’s just for folk like myself who does not possess a love of cooking, but I’m seriously thinking a ‘Butcher’s Cook Book’ should be on its way. A step-by-step on how to cook meat and which gravy to use!!!

So, when you buy your meat this week, do ask about that impending cook book, that might just be on our shelves soon……