With restrictions now being gradually lifted throughout Ireland, the future for many areas of life continues to remain uncertain. As we progress with the lifting of restrictions, our churches are hoping to return to mass. However, this will remain uncertain until the priests decide how to move forward ensuring the safety of everyone.

But it is expected that face masks, or face coverings, will be essential when mass services do resume. Therefore a number of people have suggested that we ask people within the parish (who can sew) to perhaps make face masks and leave them in the three chapels within our Parish for parishioners to avail of. This would allow us to be a step ahead and something less for our priests to have to worry about. Our priests are continuing to serve our parish and this would be one way for parishioners to help pave the way forward.

If anyone is able to make masks and would like to have them collected from their house, just contact us here at craicon and we will arrange collection. If you are able to make masks and deliver them directly to the churches, by all means do so.

Social distancing and face covering will be very much to the fore as we all move forward, and mass and other church services adhering to these will be assisting in continuing to prevent the spread of Covid-19.