It’s been a strange few months and our wee village has been in the same situation as the entire world since mid-March. We’ve been staying home, staying apart and staying as safe and well as was possible.

Covid-19 took hold of all and everyone’s life changed overnight. Shops closed, restaurants closed, pubs closed and so many businesses closed. No-one knew what the future would hold, and in many ways, that’s still the case.

But as we go into June, we can see our village begin to re-open. Bit-by-bit our local businesses are getting to return to work and help bring the village alive again. The businesses which were forced to close in order to protect us. Many businesses will remain closed but we hope will re-open soon.

As we watch our village come alive again, it’s important that we support it. We, as a community, must support all these businesses as they open their doors once more. It’s up to us to ensure they are able to keep those doors open.

Over the past three months the village of Muff has succeeded in remaining very much together. By being apart the people ensured that they still stayed together. Local organisations and people came to the aid of the vulnerable and the elderly. Shopping was delivered. Messages were carried. People were not forgotten. As those cocooned, the community checked on them and made sure they were well.

From the shop assistant, to the postman, to the footballer to the dj, the red cross, the taxi men, the businesses, and so many more, people were cared for in the best possible way. That’s what community is all about.

We mustn’t forget the businesses that remained open over this time and allowed for us to live as best as possible. The shops, the post offices etc. These are the people who risked their lives to ensure we were able to put food on the table, and stay connected with family and friends.

As this village now begins to open, don’t lose that community spirit. Continue to check on the neighbour. Continue to support the local business. Continue to be a villager and continue to keep safe.

The village of Muff has been a quiet one in recent months, but here’s to welcoming more open doors, more coming together, and more awakening, as we go into the summer of 2020.