Grainne and Jim

There’s going to be little to no foreign travel and holidays in 2020. Lockdown and the pandemic of Covid-19 has made sure of that. But it’s not all bad. We have the perfect spot for a tranquil getaway right here in Muff – just 2 km outside the village at Ture. It’s called The Hideaway and it’s the perfect spot for a getaway and to just hide away from the world.

The Spa

The Hideaway Glamping site had only just opened on Valentines Day 2020 and had to go into Lockdown like the rest of the world shortly after. But it’s ready and very patiently awaiting its visitors set to arrive from July onwards. This scenic glamping site has everything you need for that holiday at home, with the feel of being a million miles away.

Awash with fairies, fairy tree, wishing well, healing tree, and so much more, you don’t have to believe in fairies to believe in the magic of this place. Magical was how it felt as I walked in the gate earlier today.

Grainne was there to show me around as I arrived today at The Hideaway and I was bowled over before she even opened the gate. The bogwood, the driftwood, the gates, the very welcome you see is beyond words. As Grainne proceeded to show me around the site, I was left speechless – not a regular occurrence.

The Hideaway website states: The Hideaway has 4 beautiful eco pods and has self catering facilities as well as a shower (x2) and toilet (x2)block.  It is immersed in a beautiful garden surrounded by trees and shrubs and has its own wildlife pond and ancient fairy path.  For relaxation The Hideaway has a 7 berth Jacuzzi/spa and there is a fabulous 30 ft communal hut named The Shabeen.  This offers a wood burning stove surrounded by comfortable seating; full sized pool table; free library and wifi; and a dining area also used for board games and playing cards. Guests can buy a wheelbarrow of seasoned wood with marshmallows to toast in the outside firepit under the stars. 

Inside the eco pods, like everything else, has been created by the dedicated hands and labour of Jim and Grainne. Unless for a few pieces they were unable to do themselves, everything you find here has either been found, recycled or made by these two folk. Such is their love and passion for this haven.

As we walked around the spa area, the kitchen area, the toilet/washroom area, the pods, the shebeen, my eyes grew wider, and my voice completely lost. The beauty, the creativity, the sheer ambiance of the place just took over. I wanted to keep walking and just looking. Every nook and cranny has something to see.

Kitchen area

And then there is the fairy path. The walk where you will find a ‘healing chair’, a ‘wishing well’, fairy pieces, a fruit corner and so much more. It just gives you that real ‘feel good’ vibe at every turn. The pond with numerous inhabitants, the water feature, the seating areas, the lavender, the mint, the chocolate mint (make your own tea from the garden), the everything about the place just continues to invite. The area is inviting you to sit down and just forget time.

And that’s exactly what The Hideaway is all about. It’s about taking time for you, and completely forgetting about time whilst you’re there. It’s about recharging your own batteries, and letting the world take care of itself for a while. It’s about spending time with you and your loved ones. It’s about connecting with you. And you just do.

You don’t have to believe in fairies to believe in magic. You don’t have to believe in magic to believe in fairies. But when you come here, you will feel, see, and experience your very own kind of magic. It’s all around you. From the welcome you will get from Grainne and Jim, to the birds singing, the water lapping, you will find magic wherever you look.

As 2020 continues to keep us at home, what better place to take a holiday that right here at home – here at The Hideaway on our very doorstep. But don’t tell everyone about the magic that’s here – let’s savour this first ourselves before we spread it around the world.

For more details and booking info check out their website at

Covid restrictions: Although each pod will comfortably sleep 3 people, under the new guidelines, only two people will now be permitted to a pod. That allows for a maximum of 8 people on site at any given time, thereby allowing social distance to be adhered to at all times. It really is the perfect solution to this years holiday right here at home.

Find your magic right here in Muff with The Hideaway Glamping site.