That very first Sunday of these difficult days in mid-March, Father Farren offered wise words during his mass that morning, encouraging us to co-operate with the guidelines being given to help protect those vulnerable and our community in general.

Every Sunday and indeed daily, he continues to keep offering us words of wisdom and help everyone through this difficult time with faith. Faith in God and faith in our own abilities.

This morning was no different. However, this mornings words were relevant to absolutely everyone and no one can be omitted from his message today. The message that words are indeed powerful and how important it is that we use them wisely.

Father Farren said earlier, “Words can be used courteously or discourteously, respectfully or disrespectfully. Words are incredibly powerful and can build up and motivate. However they can also tear down and hurt.”

Words really can hurt and it is this very hurt that people must be aware of. Father Farren emphasised that when “we use words carelessly, words can have a devastating nature.” He used the phrase that some people in the morning, “brush their teeth and sharpen their tongue.” It’s that very sharpening that can cut. And that cut is one that fails to heal. It leaves its scars for many years. Don’t be the person to cut another with words.

Gossip is a word we are all too familiar with. Our wise man today said that “Gossip is destructive. And one thing more difficult than unscrambling an egg is un-spreading a rumour.” Once that rumour has been said, it’s near impossible to take it back. Such is the hurt and the damage the words of a rumour can do.

Father Farren went on to say, “A gossip usually makes a mountain out of a molehill by adding some dirt. And those who gossip to you will gossip about you.” People who use words to slate others will also do it to you. So it might just be wise to stay away from those who like to talk badly of others.

Father Farren asked that we be “reliable people who are courteous and respectful of others.”

In these unprecedented times, we are all finding and discovering the importance of people; the importance of the people around us, the people in our family and our community. Never before have we needed these people so much. So, lets all heed the wisdom of our wise man, Father Farren and always be respectful and courteous of people around us. Use words in the right way. Don’t ever be the one who is trying to unscramble. It doesn’t work.

Thank you Father Farren once again for such insight and support to us all in the community.