Yes you read right: there is a missing Dragon in Muff. Fortunately it is of the toy kind however!

A child in the local area was playing with this ‘How to Train Your Dragon‘ toy today and it took off a little faster than was expected. It flew (yes flew) down over Whitehill and it may have travelled as far as Wheatfield.

So if you think you saw a UFO flying overhead today, sorry but it was just a dragon!!!! The child in question is clearly upset that the dragon took off at lightening speed and would really like it found and hopefully returned. And it won’t be sent flying over the village estates if it finds it’s way home.

So if no-one knows off-hand of a dragon in their garden, or possibly along the roadside, maybe have a wee look in your garden and keep your eyes peeled if out walking in the village and Wheatfield area. It’s just a toy, but boy it can fly.

If anyone does come upon this ‘untrained’ dragon, send a wee message to ‘Craic On Muff’ facebook page and we will try and return him home safely.