Dear students

This has been the most traumatic of times for you all. These past two months have been filled with such uncertainty and playing with all your emotions. And yet you continued to work and to study.

There was never going to be a positive outcome from this for you. The focus was always (and rightly so) on your health and your well-being. The exams were never going to take precedence over you and your very existence. YOU are what’s important. Exams will never be more important than you.

Right now, the Leaving Cert and those all important grades are the most important thing in your life. For two years now, or for 5, and for some, even 6 years now, your whole life has been about these very exams. Reading, studying and working towards the Leaving Cert, has taken precedence over everything else. And now, you are not going to sit the Leaving Cert..

Covid-19 has halted the life that you know. You have all shown such courage, such bravery, and such dedication to yourselves, your teachers, and your school, in these unprecedented times. You never gave up. You kept on working. You continued to prepare for those exams and you never stopped and never wavered. You guys should be so proud of yourselves. You are a credit to this world today.

Each and every one of you Leaving Cert students 2020 are one special bunch of young folk. With relentless speculation daily, you remained stoic. You are true heroes of this time.

In a time of continued uncertainty, you must continue with the strength that you have shown until now. Continue with the attitude that you will do this. Because you will. Irrespective of the grades that come from the new situation regarding results, you will all shine. To have come through this period in life, there is no doubt that you will all excel as you go into the next chapter of life. A chapter that is still unknown and not yet written. But you will succeed. You have such strength and resilience that it will see you through.

Leaving Cert students it is now time for you to relax and let the teachers and the system do what they will do with your best interests at heart. Your teachers and your school know the effort that you have all put in. And you must always HOPE. Hope never dies. Your future is very much alive and it will be rewarding.

Someone once said, “sometimes we’re tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths.” What utter strength you all have.

Your school, your teachers, your parents, your country are so proud of you Leaving Cert students 2020. We as a community wish each and every one of you success in your personal, academic and professional life in the future. Your future is so like you, BRIGHT.

Kind Regards