Whilst many of us are staying home to protect our neighbours, family and friends, shop staff are getting up every day to stock the shop shelves and serve us our essential items. It’s essential that we always respect such staff, but never more so than now.

It’s been posted on many social media sites where customers are giving abuse to shop workers, not adhering to social distance etc whilst in store. Even locally I have heard that customers who know the staff are coming too close, leaning in close and simply forgetting the importance of adhering to the guidelines.

Here in Muff we have a great selection of shops open and serving our community daily. The staff go above and beyond to continue with the job daily and serve us, the people. It is of utmost importance that we in turn serve those staff. We serve them in doing the right thing. We stay 2m apart from other customers in the shop; we stay apart from the shop staff – we do NOT lean on the counters or such; we shop alone and not in groups, and we do what extra guidelines a particular shop might have in place at this time.

Should an item we require not be available, it’s not the shop workers fault and therefore we have no right to offer abuse or complaint to the member of staff. Check if there’s an alternative or if it can be ordered.

I can only speak of the local shops here in the village, and as someone who tries to support all the businesses, it is obvious that all shop owners and their staff are doing everything they can to serve us, the community. So in turn, do ensure that we serve them by sticking to the necessary guidelines at all times.

And a huge thank you to everyone who works in this area for all you are doing just now. It is so appreciated by everyone in our community.

#stayhome #staysafe #respectshopstaff