Thought it was high time to write a wee post and really praise this wonderful village of ours. The people and the businesses, the community and beyond are doing everything possible to curtail coronavirus and keep the village people safe.

Our local shops are all working tirelessly to keep us stocked up on essentials. The village butcher is ensuring our fridge is packed with meat and many other essential items.

Earlier when this pandemic arrived, I recall trying to find pasta, I found it in McColgans butchers, just as I did yesterday. Never underestimate the power of the local butcher!!

Not forgetting our local chemist which is doing a service all in its own right. Thank you to all there.

Also the very people we live amongst are coming together in a way that will never be forgotten. Deliveries to our neighbours cocooning; to neighbours unable to get to the shop. So many organisations are helping out.

Our Postmen are checking up on those living alone and cocooning. The local GAA is checking up on our elderly (I discovered this first hand and it was such a welcome notification to get – no not because I’m elderly but having elderly relatives living alone!!) Huge thanks to the GAA. The local Red Cross branch are also serving the community. And that’s just a snippet of those helping.

A huge shout out to those businesses who have had to close in order to protect our village. We can assure you we will ALL be out in force when this is over to support each and every one of you. And we can’t wait.

Many of the local businesses have vouchers which can be bought online. Check out their websites and social media pages and maybe pick up such for birthday gifts etc over the coming weeks and months. The Treehouse have vouchers available at Maxol service station too. Go buy.

As we begin to see positive results from our adhering to the guidelines, it’s of paramount importance that we don’t let complacency set in. We must not assume it’s safe to go back to normal. Please for the sake of our village, stay home for another while yet. Let’s be able to get out into our community when the time is safe and be able to engage with those who were classed as vulnerable and the elderly once cocooned.

Our village looks forward to extending a welcome to everyone on the other side of this pandemic. And together we shall stand.