The Easter Bunny at Warren View Manor

Another amazing group of front-line workers in our village is the management staff at local sheltered housing complex, Warren View Manor. With the complex full to capacity, the management staff are working above and beyond to help secure the health and well-being of all its residents at this time (as always).

And that same management staff yesterday allowed for a little fun to be had for those residents who were able to partake, and put a little sparkle and chocolate into the Easter days of ‘Isolation.’ Yesterday afternoon these staff members set up an Easter Egg hunt in the garden at Warren View. With the help of resident goats, Pip and Daisy, a number of residents were able to engage in some fun, and delight in the end result of chocolate.

Pip and Daisy oversee the fun (and keep a close eye on those eggs.

Social distance and ALL guidelines were adhered to throughout. The garden area here is vast and allows for space to engage in some fresh air and to enjoy the sunshine, and still remain within all the necessary guides. Many of those cocooning were able to watch through the large windows and enjoy the spectacle in the garden.

I think a huge thank you to the management staff here is definitely in order for allowing a little fun and frolics to ease the boredom of being in isolation.

Once again, in a time of much frustration for everyone, but more so for the older generation, we have these amazing workers who are prepared to go above and beyond their call of duty, to ensure the safety of the people, but also allowed for a little ray of sunshine and hope on Easter Sunday 2020.

Pip is watching closely.

Thank you all at Warren View Manor for again helping to protect our wee community and caring for our vulnerable elderly. And of course to Pip and Daisy for overseeing all of the shenanigans too.

Here’s wishing health and safety from this virus to all the residents and indeed the staff at Warren View Manor. We look forward to welcoming you all back into the hub of our village community very soon.