The Pandemic that is Covid-19, Coronavirus is very real and it’s spreading fast. Ireland is still in the very early stages but this coming week is set to be a crucial stage in our experience. So, what can we do?

Everyone the world over is asked to engage in ‘Social Distance’. This is so new to us, and it’s so difficult to adhere to, but it is a MUST. This is a practice we can and MUST do to enable our community to stay alive. That might sound a bit extreme to many people, but wake up, this is the reality.

Italy is a couple of weeks ahead of us. Oh, it’s so far away, it’s a much bigger country, it’s this…it’s that….it’s happening. People are dying in their hundreds daily. Just yesterday over 700 deaths were reported – in ONE day. Do we want that here? That’s what is coming. If we don’t take charge. WE can reduce the casualties here. We can protect our families, our loved ones, and our community. By staying away. By leaving 6 feet between us when we have to meet or go out. We can contain this pandemic right now. But we must be united.

United we stand must be our mantra. Please please stand apart. In doing this we are all standing together. Do NOT ignore the warning signs. Put the brakes on Covid-19, Coronavirus. Put the safety of our community first. Stand apart. Social distance at ALL times.

Most of our community are already adhering to this practice. But many are not. Daily, there are groups of kids and young people out walking the streets, and out playing. And there are the ‘not so young’ too. This has to stop. Do you want to be responsible for passing the virus to your loved one? No, you don’t. So please please, make sure everyone is aware of the importance of this social distance. Of staying apart. Of saving our Community.

We have the power to save this community so let’s put it in place. Let’s be united and tell people we see together to stand apart. Let’s all social distance in the days and weeks ahead. And together apart, let’s help our community to LIVE.