Looking Back

One of the things I notice as you get older is that you start to look back a lot more instead of looking forward. Indeed there’s a probable tipping point where you get to the stage where you spend more of your time looking back than you do looking  forwards.

I still do a reasonable amount of looking forwards with the Dylanfest, the Beatlesfest and CraicOn to plan.

However, I do find myself looking backwards as well. I’m using the internet to find people that I knew from many years ago from old friends to ex-girlfriends.

School Team

An old friend of mine has sent me a photo of the school team when I lived in a seminary in England when I was 12.

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to spot me but my daughter says I look like my son Robbie in the picture.

By the way the house on he left is where the Bronte sisters, Emily, Charlotte and Anne used to teach.

The priests lived there. We lived in the new building on the left.

Spot the Ball

I remember in the newspapers that they used to run the Spot The Ball contest where the winner put an X against the exact spot where the ball was in a football photo.

CraicOn is going to run a Spot The Paedophile Contest. There’s a €10 Euro prize for whoever can spot the paedophile.

I’ll give you just one clue – he’s wearing the Paedophile Outfit.

football team Verona Fathers