Have you ever picked up an ‘in-flight’ magazine onboard the plane? Have you read about destinations you’d like to visit? Now folk the world over are reading about visiting Muff on board those Aer Lingus flights.

And not only Muff, but all over Inishowen. A great advertisment for our peninsula is now available to read in the ‘in-flight’ magazine Cara, on Aer Lingus flights. This article showcases all that is wonderful about our home area. Inishowen, it’s attractions and more are all there for the world to see.

The Treehouse Bar and Restaurant comes under the heading ‘STYLISH’. And reads as follows:

STYLISH: Popular for its cocktails and bar menu, The Treehouse Bar and Restaurant is a stylish and spacious spot just outside the town of Muff on the southerly end of the peninsula. Tuck into bar food or reserve a table in the separate restaurant section. Don’t miss the Bog Hopper Beer from a local microbrewery – there’s a selection of craft beers served on draft or in bottles. (Ardmore, Muff, Co Donegal, 074 938 4873; treehousebar.ie)

Read the full article here and be intoxicated with the real beauty and attraction that is our beautiful Inishowen. http://yvonnegordon.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Inishowen.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2au1b0cp7kOlYbq8be2HRP_sqMJxorIZAt06yOIISkx83XsOJf0JYjWwc

So next time you happen to board an Aer Lingus flight, just have a read of the in-flight magazine and see what part of Inishowen you’d like to visit; and pop a proud smile on your face when you see our wee village of Muff, and our world-famous bar/restaurant right there in your reading.