If you haven’t heard of our Ois Bosh then you really are not ‘in the know’. Oisin McLaughlin has been DJing for a few years now and is fast becoming a well known name in the world of music. Boasting his own CD just last year, playing the Three Arena this year. playing numerous festivals, he really has become a household name in recent months.

And just last weekend he entertained us with two home events at Muff Festival 2019. On Saturday night I had an absolute blast listening to, and dancing to some of the best 80’s music ever. Ois Bosh had such a great selection of music on Saturday night that he really did nail the 80’s night completely. He now has a whole new following – the 50+ gang 🙂 🙂

On Sunday night, The Rave in The Cave was also a huge success with comments about the night showcasing the talent that is Ois Bosh once more.

A number of people, from very young to very not so young all commented not only on this young man’s professional work as a DJ but on his work ethic in general. Oisin has got very involved with the local community, including the Muff Festival, and does a lot of charity work alongside his music and community work. For a 17 year old, preparing for his Leaving Cert next year, his work ethic really does stand out.

Credit where it’s due, and it’s certainly due to this young man. Keep up the good work Oisin, it really isn’t going unnoticed. Here’s wishing you further and continued success in all that you do.