It was an event that had you laughing until the tears ran down your face. It had you squabbling to ensure you saw the shenanigans going on and it was an event you will certainly see more of in future.

Eating dry crackers

The King of Muff contestants were put through the mill from beginning to end and the men certainly were separated from the boys! Eating dry cream crackers to whisking egg whites (after separating them), to finding a bra, high heel, hairdressing and more, it was fun from beginning to end. And the competition was rather fierce. These 6 men were desperate for that crown.

King Of Muff 2019

After much fun and huge competing, Mickey McLaughlin from Greencastle was eventually crowned King Of Muff. A very deserved winner and no doubt he will indeed be another ambassador for Muff and all it beholds.

Lots more fun today all over the village. Come out and support and make it great.