The fun and frolics start today for the 39th annual Muff Festival here in the village of Muff. But there’s more than one celebration to be had over the coming days.

This weekend marks the 3rd birthday of our now heart of Muff, Tank and Skinny’s. The village is a hive of activity daily thanks to this wonderful addition over the past 3 years. One can’t begin to imagine Muff without coffee at its very core now.

You don’t have to be a coffee lover to enjoy this coffee shop. It really does have something for everyone. And most of all it has soul. It has character, and of course it has coffee (yip, I’m a coffee lover).

My brother said to me recently that I must have the cleanest kitchen in Muff as I never cook there. Hence, my check-in’s at Tank and Skinny’s. And I’m certain I’m not the only one 🙂

However, I’m certain that everyone will agree, this little haven in Muff is certainly the best thing to open in many many years. It’s a meeting place, it’s an eating place, and it’s a very friendly place.

So, as Muff Festival 2019 begins, don’t forget to pop into Tank and Skinny’s and wish them a very very Happy 3rd Birthday. There’s music and fun within over the next few days. Have a great one folks.

Happy birthday from all in Muff.