Greencastle Songwriter Patsy Cavanagh

I wish you well is the title of the new album from Inishowen based singer/songwriter Patsy Cavanagh

Patsy who has been a successful writer for over 20 years with such songs as Home to Donegal, Foyle Waters, The Old Schoolyard and many more says :-

Patsy Cavanagh Song Collection

“I have been putting this collection together for a long time.

Some of the songs  are from a good few years back and some others are on their first outing.

With the internet radio stations as well as local radio plus the arrival of so many TV channels our songs are going out to a much bigger audience than they would have years ago.

Songs by Patsy Strike Chord

The songs cover a range of topics and situations which will hopefully strike a chord with people for different reasons.

For instance “Big ship sailing” is a song of emigration in famine times while “Song of the stranger”  is the view of the immigrant coming to Ireland.

Song Home to Donegal

Patsy has also included his award winning song “Home to Donegal” as the final track. This song has opened so many doors to me that I felt it deserved another outing.”

 Patsy is very grateful to all the musicians and singers who were involved in these recordings over the years.

A very special word of thanks to his good friend Shunie Crampsey for musical accompaniment and arrangement on so many of these tracks.

The CD is available at The Cairn, Greencastle or by tel: 0749381104 or email: [email protected]