Just two weeks ago Muff man Vincie McColgan was rather elated with Liverpool winning The Champions League final. And he did wait long enough. The following morning Vincie celebrated by cutting his front tree into the cup shape and it was the talk of the area.

However it took two weeks for the rebels to show their faces. And show their faces… or rather NOT their faces, this morning in Vincie’s front lawn. Knowing the poor man is out of the country too. Real rebels they are indeed!

The Celtic rebels, MUFC and even the Muff rebels were out in force. The big tree is uprooted and a smaller thing in its place……Utter destruction and power tools were at the ready.

The Rebels….

A warrant is currently out for their banishment in local pubs. If you see any of these bodies in the vicinity, just chant, ‘you’ll never walk alone’, and watch them run.

With Courtney Cox and Johnny McDaid visiting Muff just over a week ago and helping put Muff on the world map , it seems these rebels now think it’s ok for them to come and destruct. But they shall be got. We are not going to let these riff-raff spoil our current social status!!! We must stick together and catch them…..

Vincie meanwhile is enjoying an ice-cream on the Italian riviera and knows nothing about this. I’d be a little scared if I were one of these rebels when he reads this…….