We’ve been saying it for many years but it’s becoming more and more necessary for this village to have a resident doctor. We have a young population here at present and with such youth, must surely come a doctor to help with their healthcare. We have a number of elderly here too so they should surely have a doctor at the ready.

Just yesterday this requirement became even more important. I was speaking to a young mother who had a sick child. This mother had two sick children last week. She told me she’d tried ringing the doctors in Buncrana from 9am but was unable to get through. Eventually she had to put her two sick children into her car and drive to Buncrana in the hope of seeing a doctor on arrival. Fortunately she did get to see a doctor without an appointment.

Yesterday this same young mother rang to check what time the doctor was in Muff as one of her children was still unwell. She was told that the doctor’s surgery had been cancelled and there would be no doctor in Muff this week.

So, how are our young families supposed to continue like this? How are our elderly supposed to continue without a resident doctor? With elections just over, it’s time our politicians helped get a resident doctor here in Muff. It’s a little long overdue.