Abbie Harkin is just 6 years old, and yesterday found out she is the winner of a Bookmark design competition which was open to children up to aged 12 worldwide.

Kenny’s Bookshop opened in Galway in 1940. In 1994 they became the first company in Ireland to have a website, and the second bookshop in the world to go online. They’re a worldwide known establishment. Abbie is now going to have her bookmark produced for the worldwide book market.

When I, as facilitator with The WRITE STUFF Kids Club saw the competition I was unsure about getting the kids to enter. What chance did we have among a world of others? Boy am I glad I suggested entering to the various groups of our club. I don’t like entering competitions at the club as I don’t like making a difference in the children’s work. But bookmarks are something we often make and the children love doing such, so I gave them the option to enter. Many entered, and some decided not to. Some of the groups I invited the parents in to sign the application sheets, and some I signed myself (including Abbies!!), and in early May, I sent off over 60 entries to Galway.

On Saturday last I got the email saying the shop were trying to contact me. The winner of the bookmark competition was from The WRITE STUFF Kids Club. I had to wait until Tuesday to find out who that winner was. I had absolutely no idea. Yesterday morning I actually did shed a tear when I was told the winner was Abbie Harkiin, aged 6, from Muff. The representative from Kenny’s, Dean, said that he had chosen Abbie’s bookmark design as it had shelves filled with books down one side, and windows to the world down the other side. The theme of the competition was ‘Books and Reading‘. Abbie had captured the theme perfectly. Books are a window to the world. Books introduce us to the world. Books are a window to our imagination. Books are a window to so much. And Abbie had showcased this in her bookmark design.

Abbie has won a €150 hamper of books from Kenny’s and her bookmark goes to print in just a few weeks time. Abbie’s bookmark will be immortalized and it will be used to mark book pages all over the world.

Abbie is a very creative little girl. Since joining The WRITE STUFF Kids Club in September last year, she has penned many beautiful little stories and drawn some wonderful picture stories. But above all, Abbie works so hard and gives 100% to every single story. She applies herself wholeheartedly to every story. And she enjoys doing such. Abbie always has a story to tell about a book she is reading. She is a real little book worm.

Abbie’s Mum Fiona told me yesterday that when they collected Abbie from school and told her the news she said, “I didn’t think I could win.” Well win you have young lady.

So it’s an absolute delight to be writing this post. Abbie is a very worthy winner of this worldwide Bookmark design competition. Huge congratulations Abbie and we’re all very excited about using your bookmark to mark our pages very soon.