He’s waited a while to watch Liverpool lift that all important Champions League cup, so local devout support of the Pool was up with the birds this morning, and the hedge clippers (maybe it was Margie’s scissors).

Vincent McColgan, better know as Vincy, has his very own Champions League cup now in his front garden. He said he’s waited long for this, and so it’s a memorable occasion for the local football and Liverpool fanatic.

I happened to see both Vincy and Margaret last night and to say they were delighted with the win, is an understatement. Devout and life-long Liverpool fans, they were/are indeed ‘on cloud nine’ this Sunday.

The Liverpool team were welcomed home today to a rapturous reception but here in Muff, Vincy has his own receptive token for his team. Champions of champions they may be, and Vincy has marked the occasion with his very own, personal tribute.

So, if you drive up that Ardmore road over the coming days, be sure and give a wee toot of the horn as you pass by McColgans residence to acknowledge this work of art.