Peter Casey Plants Irish Flag in Foyle

Peter Casey set up a video showing him planting the Itish Flag in Lough Foyle. Britain, under the guise of the Crown estates, has claimed Lough Foyle up to the high water line. This was never settled at the time of partition and it is still not settled.

Peter Casey Reclaims Lough Foyle

Ireland claims that the lough border is halfway across the lough. Britain claims it owns the lot.

One would expect that with Brexit, the EU will want to define its borders – including it’s sea and lough borders.

Lough Foyle Shipping Lane

If Ireland is correct, the shipping lane up to Derry would be in Irish territorial waters.

If it is the other way around, i.e. the UK owns it up to the shore then anyone going in for a swim or a paddle is entering British waters.

I presume, after Brexit, they would have to pay a tariff on their swimming trunks or bikinis.

Community for a Clean Estuary

Said Enda Craig, the spokesperson for the Community for a Clean Estuary:-

“Running the Tricolour up the pole could be considered a cheap publicity stunt unless it is backed up with a workable plan of action.  So can Peter Casey please outline in detail how he hopes to ” Reclaim Lough Foyle For Ireland ” . Lots of people are saying this is simply a burst of  ‘ hot-air’ so Peter let’s prove them wrong. Let’s show that you have a plan and that you mean it.”

Publicity Stunt

Well, Enda’s right. It is publicity stunt – but not necessarily a cheap one. It is designed to bring attention to the problem and with Peter Casey’s high profile, it could get national interest.

It will be very interesting to see what happens with Lough Foyle in the Brexit talks. Ireland has long been faced with Little Ireland v Big Britain. Now it is Little Britain against the Big EU.

Peter Casey may be stirring up a hornet’s nest here. But I expected that this was what he intended.

Click on Peter Casey’s Flag Planting Video