He may have started djing in his bedroom but in just two days time our very own local teen, Oisin McLaughlin, better known as DJ Ois Bosh will play a 30 minute warm-up at Dublin’s 3Arena as part of this year’s Bank of Ireland’s Junk Kouture final.

I caught up with Ois Bosh earlier to find out a little more about this talented young man.

What age did you start djing? Is it something you’ve always wanted to do? Oisin told me: ‘I started Djing when I was 15. I’m now 17 and a 5th year student in Scoil Mhuire, Buncrana.’

Oisin told me he’s always had a ‘massive love of music.’ He continued: ‘I have a musical family- one of my cousins is a professional vocalist/singer and my grandmother runs her own business, teaching piano. I also grew up loving music as a kid, being able to access it with the music-downloading apps on the app store. But I suppose it all came from one night in November 2016, when I realised that I needed to make some use of my musical knowledge, and with the knowledge that I had of the music scene, I decided to have a crack at it. Two weeks later I had some time to spare from my Junior Cert studies and from that night in my bedroom- the 20th November, 2016 onwards, ‘The Bosh’ was born.’

The Bosh as he calls himself is growing ever popular with gigs around the Inishowen and Derry area. He’s growing quite a following and no doubt after this coming week, there’ll be even more of a following.

What’s your biggest gig to date – before 3Arena? He says: ‘To be honest apart from pub gigs such as 18th & 21st birthday parties, I haven’t had too many big gigs. I did play in the Guildhall Square as part of the Derry Halloween Festival in 2018.’ Bigger gigs are still to come I don’t doubt.

So with 3Arena later this week, and Leaving Cert next year, just what are this young man’s future plans? ‘I plan to keep the music up for another while yet and hope to move into the club scene when I turn 18 in August. I understand that there will be dry spells with likes and views dipping, but it’s a case of letting that pass over and keep plugging away. In a years time, I plan to keep the DJing as a part-time career along with college unless I go as big as John Gibbons is! The account will be updated regularly and I plan to keep running competitions and posting content on my page. I plan to take a break from producing music until I’ve completed the dreaded Leaving Cert. I’m very lucky that my IT skills have been enhanced by my experience as the Bosh and I may do a course in college leading to a qualification in music production/performance. I am currently brainstorming for a new fundraising video which will be produced before the end of 2019. All will be revealed soon! I look forward to what the future will bring. It’s a very exciting time!’

It certainly is an exciting time for this young man, and we here in Muff look forward to seeing what the future holds for him.

I asked The Bosh to sum up in 6 words how he feels about the 3Arena gig? ‘Excited, nervous, hopeful, thrilled, proud, ambitious,’ was the reply. He’ll nail it.

Lot’s of luck from all in Muff on May 2nd and here’s to a very promising future.