One man had a vision. That man is sitting over there today.” So said Stanley Huey, Chairperson of Warrenview Manor, earlier today. That man was local businessman Joseph McGonigle. That vision was what we all know now as a very steadfast building in our community – Warrenview Manor.

It only takes one man to have a vision. But it takes a team of people to help that vision materialise. Joseph McGonigle certainly put his vision to the right people and together they worked tirelessly, and it culminated 10 years ago with the opening of Warrenview Manor Sheltered Housing complex.

Today saw the celebration of 10 years of this very building with a community ‘Open Day’. Manager of Warrenview, Teresa McAleer and her excellent team have worked in recent days (weeks) to bring the celebrations today together. And a great celebration it certainly was.

Teresa spoke earlier today and praised not only her team of staff and volunteers, her management committee and of course her residents, but the entire community at large. Together everyone has ensured that Warrenview is now filled to capacity with a waiting list in place.

People from all over Muff and beyond came along today and enjoyed seeing this beautiful building for what it really is. Long term resident Mary Porter summed it up perfectly when she said, ‘this is a home within a home.’ And that’s exactly what Warrenview provides. It provides a home within a home. It provides independent living. It provides a safe and secure way of living. And it provides a beautiful setting in which to enjoy that very home within the home.

The food today was delicious and thanks to Gerry for working so hard to provide this. He had a very dedicated team of the workers and volunteers at the Manor assist him throughout. John Weir, caretaker, was on hand showing people the grounds, and as Mary said, ready to fix, sort, mend, just help in any way needed.

I was very honoured to say a few words today myself and my only way of describing this place is ‘somewhere that people come alive.‘ I see children coming in here on a regular basis to our kids club (The WRITE STUFF Kids Club). They come alive with their stories, their poems and their imagination. The residents of Warrenview are alive with life. The welcome as you come in that front door is always warm and it’s always with a smile – be it a resident, Teresa, John, or other. As you come in the door you will always meet someone to say ‘hello’ to. There’s just something very special about this place. And there’s something special about every person you meet within it.

It was lovely today also to have young Susie Peoples (10) from The WRITE STUFF Kids Club read a poem she wrote about Warrrenview Manor. Children help keep us all young. And having Susie and her peers come along to this building on a regular basis is ensuring that young life is ever present within these walls. The folk that reside at Warrenview are all ‘young at heart’. They’re an inspiration to all of us.

I think we will all agree that Joesph McGonigles’ vision is one we’re all glad he did have. A lot of hard work followed that initial vision. But it also goes to show that visions do materialise, and dreams really do come true.

Today, and the past 10 years surely prove that.

Here’s wishing Warrenview Manor, it’s staff, management and all it’s residents a very very Happy 10th birthday. Here’s to the next 10 years.