The following are words from Jack Murray in regard to the Local Link bus service about to serve Muff to Buncrana:

“Following our public meeting in Muff a few weeks ago, Local Link has confirmed that it will introduce a public bus service from Muff to Buncrana.

Starting in June, it’ll run three times a day, two days a week in order to suit people going to the doctors, going shopping and for secondary school students staying back after school.

Thanks to everyone who came along to our meeting to put forward the case for the service. Particular thanks to Local Link too for taking our concerns on board and delivering this service.

They’re also open to expanding the service if it proves popular so I’d encourage everyone to use it as much as possible.

If you’ve any queries, feel free to give myself, Jack Murray, or Terry Crossan a shout!”

So, I’m sure all in the village will agree that this will certainly be an added bonus to village life here in Muff. Well done to all who got actively involved in securing this service and indeed highlighting the need for such.