With the village being so alive with people and business, surely there has never been a better time to have our very own resident doctor here in Muff.

For many years now, our village welcomes a doctor on a weekly basis from Buncrana medical centre, on Wednesdays. This provides a much needed service for the village as a whole. However, in this the modern day, surely the village deserves the provision of a full-time resident doctor and medical practice.

With the local sheltered housing complex, Warrenview Manor now filled to capacity, and about to celebrate its 10 year anniversary, there’s even more need than ever before to have our own resident doctor.

Our local community must travel to Moville or Buncrana in order to attend a doctor (aside from Wednesdays), and many have to pay public transport in order to do so. Other people who are ill, simply wait until Wednesday comes around to have themselves checked-out. However on Wednesdays like this week, even this isn’t possible. A number of people went along to our local surgery on Wednesday this week only to find it cancelled. One local mother told me this morning that she had brought her daughter out of school to see the doctor only to be turned away with a locked door and sign.

We campaigned for many years to get our chemist. And it’s a fantastic addition to the village. Maybe now it’s time to seek a full-time doctor right here in Muff.

Does anyone else agree?