If you happened to drive into our village this morning and see a fully dressed scuba-diver at our ‘Welcome to Muff’ sign, it was indeed non other than BBC Radio 1’s Chris Stark.

Chris was introducing his and Scott Mills’ The Book of LOL to Muff as he arrived!!

But of course one can’t dive into Muff first thing on a Tuesday morning (or any morning) without that all important cup of coffee (and breakfast), so Chris and his crew headed to the heart of Muff, Tank and Skinny’s. Whilst there, they were ‘live on air’ and spoke with 2011 Muff Festival Queen, Lauren Harrigan.

There were a few jokes, and there was much coffee flowing in T and S’s. Chris went so far to say it was the best coffee he’s had. We already knew this and now BBC Radio knows it too.

Where else would one go following the local coffee shop than to the local bar and restaurant that is, The Treehouse Bar and Restaurant. Laura and Niall from Muff Liquor Company were on hand to shake up a Muff cocktail, or rather two for Chris. And so today, the Muff Starky and the Long Iced Willie were born. Both cocktails created behind the bar at The Treehouse Bar and Restaurant.

So as Chris and his crew broadcast from the village today, it was with great affection for Muff. Whilst on air at The Treehouse, Chris Stark said, “Muff is just wonderful. I love Muff. You come away thinking you just can’t get enough of it.” Mind you he also admitted that “you have to be very careful what you say.” Don’t worry Chris, we’re well used to it here.

So as Tuesday comes to late afternoon, Muff is alive and thriving. Huge thanks to The Muff Liquor Company for bringing the lads all here today and helping put this wee village on that all important ‘world map.’