Could the local coffee shop get any better? It just did. From tomorrow night (Thursday) there will be late night Thursday opening until 8pm at Tank and Skinny’s Muff.

Many people have asked since seeing the new menu for Thursday night’s if it will be ok to just pop in for coffee and cake. Why of course it is (did check about this today!!). It’s still our local coffee shop – so it’s coffee and cake, tea and a chat, or if you’re feeling a bit peckish, there will be a little more to choose from on these Thursday nights. So I guess, summed up, there’ll be something for everyone.

Late night Thursday’s at Tank and Skinny’s begins this very week, tomorrow night so if you’re passing through on the way home from work, from shopping or just needing out of the house for an escape, the doors are open till 8pm.

This coffee addict must wait until the summer to avail of the late nights, but summer is coming…isn’t it?

Coffee and cake, tea with friends, or a little more will all be available at Tank and Skinny’s Muff, on Thursday nights.

OH, and I hear there might even be wine….I’m coming……:)