It’s always great to see local business up and running, but even more so when it’s in your home town or indeed, home village. And that’s exactly what Quigley’s Point is to me. Born and raised there, it will always hold that special place etc, so it was with great pride to return to The Point Inn last night with the group of friends now known as, The Muff Ladies, for dinner.

These gals are experts (more novice maybe) in food criticism, staff observation and general service duties – they’ve visited enough places to have some kind of ‘expert’ qualification by this stage!! So The Point Inn was under the watchful eye of 5 ladies last night. The poor barman got his first interrogation on our arrival – the quest for the French wine. Sadly it wasn’t available, but a very good second best was. Phew, I’m certain young Terence did think. Alas, he was very patient and did all within his power to keep these ‘wine enthusiasts’ at bay.

The Point Inn is of course under new management at present – Mr Danny Moore. Many of us will remember Danny from The Ture Inn and he did become an adopted Donegal man then, and he’s still the same. We’re all delighted to see Danny back amongst us again.

Danny took the Muff Ladies on a tour of the newly refurbished Point Inn last night and we were all equally impressed with our findings. Very warm colours and decor inhabits the entire premises, with an thriving open fire at the heart of the bar. Accommodation is not yet ready but will be at a future date – these Muff Ladies might just avail of such then!!!

I’m sure poor Terence was not looking forward to taking the food order that he was about to be bombarded with – alas he did such with utmost professionalism. As myself being the first awkward customer – wanting the Hake, but with the accompaniment of the Sea Bass, there was no hesitation. Definitely impressive service – I did specify if it was too fussy it wasn’t a problem. Others followed suit. Yes, we’re definitely not the straightforward customers you might want to see visit. And so the orders went in.

When the food arrived, it was to wondrous eyes all round. It looked absolutely delicious. And it was just that. There was absolutely NO negative feedback from any of our party last night. The food really did exceed all our expectation. In fact it was referred to as ‘the best meal I’ve had in a while’ from a few in the company – and that’s saying something cos these gals know their restaurants and their food.

So, from the grandchildren chit chat, to wedding planning, to spring getaways, to summer holidays and of course to a few birthdays, coming up, the walls of that Point Inn bar heard a lot last night. And it heard laughter. A lot of it.

So, from The Muff Ladies, The Point Inn gets a very definite ‘thumbs up’ all round. Even to the bill. Affordable for all.

And so until the next time, and the next venue under the scrutiny of the Muff Ladies, this one was another huge success.

Here’s wishing Danny and all his team the very best of luck with The Point Inn. (welcome to Gods country Danny)