Scoil Naomh Bríd here in Muff is well known for it’s sporting activity. With so much school activity now being focused on strict academia and academic achievement, it is a delight to know that our very own local school places so much emphasis on Sporting activity.

Sporting is not something which is all about winning. It’s not something which is all about getting the best result. And it’s certainly not something about coming ‘first’. Sport is healthy and it’s something which teaches our children the importance of being part of a team and working together. Skills which will help them excel in life, and work, as they grow. Sport is about being healthy and being active. One does not have to been a dedicated sports person to take part. One just needs to engage and enjoy.

Donegal Sports Awards were held just last week and it’s such a delight to see our local school winning Large primary School sports award for 2018. A huge achievement for a school in such a small village. But alas, there’s more. Not only did the school win, but one of it’s sporting teachers also won the Sports Award for Donegal Primary School Teacher with Mrs Johanne McColgan picking up the award. Johanne is not only actively involved in encouraging sporting activity with children within the school, but she continually inspires them with her own athletic ability outside of school, and is always encouraging young folk to take part. It really was a win, win, winning night for our local school.

Huge congratulations to everyone involved and here’s to many more engaging and active work within the school. I think active work today could be some sliding and skiing!!!! All within safety restrictions of course.

Also on the night, our very own Cycling hero Rónan McLaughlin won the Donegal Sports award for cycling. So very well deserved as this young man is a constant inspiration to all with his cycling achievements.

So, congratulations to all involved, and here’s to keeping this wee village and it’s young folk (and not so young) active and fun.