It’s been a rather cold 24 hours, and the chilly spell seems to be going nowhere fast. So whilst the snow is here, there’s only one thing to do, and that’s have some fun. And earlier today, the staff at local sheltered housing complex, Warrenview Manor, did just that. But did they take it a step too far?

Having cleared the car-park for both residents and visitors this morning, the staff then decided they needed a new winter resident. And so they created the one and only, Warren the Snowman. A lot of hard work went into this artistic snow creation, and of course naming ceremony.

The staff are taking a lesson from The WRITE STUFF Kids Club based at the manor, and using their imagination and creative skills. Their skills exceeded all expectation but…….

With their creation complete, they then proceeded (so rumour has it) to take Warren the Snowman to the local pub for a drink, and then the fun began. Warren the Snowman became a little disorientated. One onlooker on Facebook said they saw him leaving the village pub, like many before him (and no doubt many after him), staggering. But when poor Warren the Snowman returned to his spot, he was unable to stand tall, as he had previously.

So if you happen to see our village snowman looking a little ‘off balance’ you know it was the beer that did it.

No-one is certain if it was The Squealing Pig (and it’s warm fire), or The Treehouse Bar and Restaurant (with it’s warm food and cocktails) that did the deed. Staff at Warrenview Manor are not disclosing where they frequented. And in fact, quite possibly, they visited both.

But the fact remains, it’s poor Warren the Snowman who’s suffering since.

Stay safe in the snow everyone, because like Warren the Snowman, you too might appear off balance if you’re not careful.