by Enda Craig

At a well attended meeting in Carnagarve GAA club on 14th December 2018 the following points were discussed and noted..
  1. Disappointment at the lack of published detail by Irish Water prior to the recent information meeting in the Foyle Hotel.
  2.  Disbelief that Irish Water would select again the discredited plant site at Carnagarve ( no consultation, no selection process  ..  just bulldozed in.) and the equally discredited discharge site into Lough Foyle.
  3.   Unanimous decision to continue the campaign for  ‘ The Right Plant and Pipe In The Right Place ‘  and  press for a meeting with Irish Water management at the highest level to discuss this point..
  4.   It was agreed to insist that Irish Water produce ‘ proof of ownership’ of that part of the sea-bed of Lough Foyle which they are laying claim to for the laying of the discharge pipe in keeping with the planning process..
  5.   While recognising Irish Water have a legal responsibility to solve the sewerage problem it should also be recognised that the solution must be acceptable and above board.  To that end it must not be forgotten the number of times the plant site was previously moved because of unwarranted political interference and then dropped into Carnagarve without a moment’s consultation or research . Consider also that :
    • the ‘ Application For a Discharge Licence ‘  was advertised by Donegal Co Cl in a newspaper that did not circulate locally ( in contravention of their own planning regulations) making sure the local community was kept in the dark. 
    • Consider also that our Oceanographer discovered ( in a map that was hidden by the Co Cl)  the fact that raw sewage discharges ( they are allowed for in the plans ) would wash up and hug the local shoreline from Redcastle all the way to Kinnago Bay thus wreaking an environmental disaster along the shorewalk and beaches. 
    • This was in direct conflict with the results of their published Hydrodynamic study giving rise, once again, to a total mistrust of the process. 
    • Consider also that An Bord Pleanala’s own inspector ( Mr Daniel O’Connor, grade 1 Civil Engineer ) rejected this plan on THREE seperate occasions despite substantial pressure to get him to change his mind.  
    • Also consideration was given to the possibility of a public meeting in Moville to share our concerns should the town’s residents hould they consider it necessary.