Caiseal Mara Owner

In the early hours of the morning, the Caiseal Mara owner, Kieran McKenna, and his daughter had to be rescued from the hotel by local firefighters.

Indeed, Kiaran has now been hospitalized.

This brings home the seriousness of this attack.

If things had gone differently and the alarm not been raised, this could have been a lot, lot worse.

Sympathy for Kiaran and Valerie

Although the owners of the Caiseal Mara, Keiran and Valerie McKenna, have been blamed for the dumping of 100 Asylum Seekers in Moville, there must be a certain amount of sympathy of them.

When the Caiseal Mara came up for auction in Dublin a few years ago, no one from the town bid for it.

Indeed, no one else in the whole of Ireland bid for it, except for the current owners Keiran and Valerie.

They believed in Moville so much that they bought it and moved their whole family up here.

They brought a lot of business and tourists to the town who wouldn’t have otherwise come.

DylanFest in the Caisal Mara

They supported the DylanFest, putting Bobby Does Dylan from Greenock in Scotland on in their main function room.

No one else has shown such faith in the hotel and the town.

If anyone local had wanted to buy the hotel it has been available for the last couple of years at a reasonable price.

However, it hasn’t worked out as they hoped.

It didn’t help that a power surge soon after they bought it knocked out a lot of their electrical equipment including their kitchen equipment.

This delayed the opening of their kitchen and their hotel rooms.

Losing Money hand Over Fist

However, despite their faith in Moville, they have been losing money hand over fist.

The Asylum Seekers business must have been very tempting in order to get the money back that they lost in Moville.

Some ridiculous figures have been quoted as to how much they will make from the deal.

It was a competitive tender and they would have had to put in a pretty low price to get the business.

Blaming the Wrong People

When things like this happen, people always blame the wrong people.

The children of the owners are taking abuse across town.

That’s even though they had nothing to do with the decision whatever – and the arson attack last night could have cost their daughter her life last night.

That’s not fair.

Valerie McKenna has had two death threats it seems.

That’s ridiculous.

Asylum Seekers Dumped On

I’m sure that when they come, the Asylum Seekers will take abuse too.

It’s not their fault either.

They would much rather be somewhere near Dublin.

They’ve been dumped on as well – and will have to travel often to Dublin, via Sligo, a ten hour round trip, as they can’t travel through the north.

Government at Fault

David Stanton

David Stanton

The real culprit is the Government and especially the two Ministers, Charlie Flanagan, Head of the Justice and Equality ministry and David Stanton, the head of the Equality and Integration Ministry.

Charlie Flanagan

Charlie Flanagan

Those two beauties have dumped on the people of Moville and the Asylum Seekers – just to take the cheapest deal.

Moville people should blame the right people.

Stop Press:-

Kieran McKenna is fine, according to a local journalist at the Methodist Hall Meeting today. It seems he spoke to Keiran just 10 minutes before the meeting. So, that’s some good news.