Asylum Seekers Nicest People

A meeting was called today at the Methodist Hall in Moville at 3pm.

It was to provide information about, and to ask for help for, the coming Asylum Seekers who will be arriving shortly in the Caiseal Mara.

At it, an ex-Asylum Seeker from Eastern Europe (maybe from Georgia) spoke about his experiences of going through the system.

He was 12 years here at 3 different Direct Provision centres before he got his Irish passport.

Made Welcome in Ireland

He said that he was always made welcome wherever he went in Ireland.

But he also said that the Asylum Seekers were among the nicest people that he had ever met. He said that they won’t be any trouble in Moville.

He said that all these people were seeking was a safe haven for themselves and their families and to be able to work to feed them.

They are not the kind of people who are looking to live off the state. That’s not why they came here.

They are looking for a chance, he said.

Direct Provision System

He also said that those involved with refugees and Asylum Seekers do not like the Direct Provisions system which was brought in during 1999.

He said it was just another example of state cruelty following on from Magdalene Laundries and others.

The meeting was very positive about wanting to help the Asylum Seekers settle in here and to show them some Irish, and especially Moville, hospitality.

The problems are with the authorities, the Government Ministers and the system.

The Asylum Seekers are entitled to a fair chance.