No Compulsory AIDS Test

A question was asked at the Glencrow Hall meeting with the agency responsible for the Asylum Seekers coming to Moville about whether people coming here from countries that have a high incidence of AIDS would be AIDS Tested before they are allowed into he country.

The person asking the question said that Afirican countries had high rates of it.

One of the countries where Asylum Seekers will come from is the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Eugene Banks from the RIA said that they would be offered an AIDS test.

However, they would have the right to refuse one.

Some people were offended by the question.

Checking the Facts on AIDS

So, I thought I would check up on the facts.

According to Wikipedia, there are 1.1 million people in the Congo with AIDS.

That’s almost 5% of the population or one in every twenty.

AIDS Tested in America Prior to Marriage

When I went over to America to get married a number of years ago, I was told that I would have to take an AIDS test before I could marry an American citizen.

I was slightly miffed at that as the incidence of AIDS in the USA was higher than in he UK.

However, it wasn’t a big deal and I went though with it.

Incidentally I passed, in case anyone is thinking of running me out of town.

Civil Liberties

There will be some people who will think that it is an infringement of their liberties to impose a compulsory AIDS test on them.

There will be others who will say that it is their right to refuse an AIDS test – but it is also Ireland’s right to refuse them entry if they don’t.

Take your pick.