25 New Jobs to be Created in Moville

In one of the episodes of Sacha Baron Cohen’s (Ali G) recent series Who Is America, dozens of locals from some town in the boondocks of the USA were invited to the local hall to be told about dozens of new jobs which were to come to the area.

They were delighted and came along with their Make America Great Again baseball caps.

That was until Sacha told them that the new jobs were going to be from building a mosque in the town.

He said as it was the only mosque for many, many miles around, Moslems from all over the state would flock to their town.

Huge Economic Boost

It would be a huge economic boost to the whole area.

I don’t know if you saw the episode but you can imagine how that went down.

“We don’t want no terrorists here” was a typical comment.

It’s been kind of missed in all the Facebook talk about ‘criminals’ and ‘terrorist’ being dumped in the town that this is going to provide a huge financial boost to the town.

25 New Jobs in Moville

According to the Caiseal Mara’s owner, it will create 25 new jobs in the town.

And these will be all the year round jobs and not just seasonal jobs.

Indeed, it may well help to keep many youngsters in the town who would otherwise have had to look elsewhere for work.

Calculating The Boost

If we said that each person working here would receive €200 a week after tax and there are 25 of them, that’s an extra €300,000 a year coming in to the town.

There’s also the money that the Asylum Seekers will be given.

It is only a pittance of €21.60 a week at the moment.

However, next year that will rise to nearly €40 for adults and €30 for children.

Information given out suggest that 75% of these Asylum Seekers will be adults and 25% children.

They are sure to  spend most of it in the town as they are not even allowed to go to Derry.

So, that’s €3,750 a week or almost €200,000 a year.

Half a Million a Year

Added to the earnings of those who work there that’s an extra €500,000 a year coming into the town.

It’s even better still.

According to Circulation of Money economic orthodoxy, every new Euro that comes into the town gets spent an average of 6 times as people buy goods and services from each other.

If a local shop earns more money the local owner may go out for a meal, and the restaurant owner with his or her extra money may hire a painter or plumber, who may go out for a pint with his or her extra cash – and so on.

So, that will be a total boost to the Moville economy of €3,000,000 a year.

Those are big figures.

All Year Round Business

This summer was a bumper time for local businesses for the first time in years.

However, the summer season is very short here barely lasting two months.

Most businesses just eke out a living for the rest of the year.

That could all change now.

This will be all year round business.

I remember one local business owner, when talking about the summer festivals, said “What we want is something that will bring in money all the year round”.

His wish has come true.

It won’t be long before Greencastle folk are complaining about being left out and demanding their own Asylum Seekers.

Wise Virgins

If there are any out-of-work youngster looking in on the Facebook abuse for people who haven’t even arrived yet, they should do the smart thing.

While others are lambasting those who have not arrived yet as terrorists, the smart youngsters will get their CVs down there smartish.

It is a company called Bridgetstock who are hiring. Check it up on Google. Get in there quickly.

Be one of the Wise Virgins and not one of the Foolish ones (A biblical reference).