Moville Asylum Seekers

by Enda Craig

The Dept. of Justice has caused massive premeditated insult to the Moville Community, to the asylum seekers and to the elected representatives of Donegal in the way they that they released the news of the impending influx of migrants.
Released on a Fri evening, with the minimum of information and no elaborating  details, the community was left in a world of ignorance over the weekend while the vacuum was filled with a plethora of wild allegations on social media.

Local Politicians in the Dark

It was embarrassing to listen to local politicians as they spent Mon  morning complaining about the fact they had been left in the dark.
Let them now stand up and be counted on behalf of the local community.
Let them collectively demand that the Dept of Justice postpone the arrival of the asylum seekers until there is comprehensive consultation with the community.
This shameful insult should be rectified in no uncertain terms .