I had just come home from a walk through the village this evening and thinking how alive Muff really is at present. With so much to do right here in Muff, people are coming to visit from far and wide.  Somewhere people have always come to visit here in Muff is Lis na Grá forest. It’s a place of natural beauty, and you can’t help but love the area.

Sadly more and more people are abusing this spot and littering it endlessly. Just this evening I received a message about the littering of the area today with coffee cups and general garbage. It was  a lovely day to enjoy your take-away coffee in Lis na Grá. No one can deny that. A lovely day to enjoy a snack with that coffee. But it’s NEVER ok to leave your rubbish behind. Why would families come along to this haven of natural beauty and not want to keep it that  – naturally beautifully? Why are you leaving your rubbish behind? It just doesn’t make sense. And no doubt there were young children around and seeing that it’s ok to rubbish the area. No, it’s NOT ok.

Anyone who reads this, please make it a priority to take your rubbish home with you. There are enough public bins in the area also where you can easily dispose of those coffee cups as you travel home. We have a lovely village here in Muff with so much to offer our community and our visitors. It’s such a shame to see people coming and destroying it with rubbish.

Keep Muff tidy. Take your rubbish home.