Moville Man Inches From Injury or Death

Moville man, Gerry, McLaughlin, who lives in the River Row, was almost hit on the head by the falling Cowal from a Chimney Pot in Lower Main Street.

Said Gerry, “I was walking up Lower Main Street this morning, just past Barron’s Cafe when I heard a loud sound just behind me. I stopped and looked just a yard behind me and there was the metal Cowal from a Chimney Pot. As I didn’t see it when walking up the road, it must have just fallen off the roof.”

It seems it was just a couple of doors up from Barron’s and just before the wall starts for the old AIB bank.

Ignored Mother’s Storm Advice

Luckily for Gerry, who was walking in the middle of the pavement, the chimney cowal fell to his inside just next to the wall.

Said Gerry “When I was a child and having to go to school in a storm, my mother told me that I should always walk right next to the wall as most things, like slates from a roof, seldom fall straight down but usually fall into the middle of the pavement.

“So, all through my childhood, and even as an adult, I always followed this seemingly sensible advice.

“Luckily, I had forgotten this and walked up the middle of the pavement. If I had been on the inside of the pavement I would definitely have been hit on the head by the metal Chimney Cowal.

“I don’t know if I would have been killed or just injured – but I’m glad I didn’t find out”.