Moville Battered By Storms

Moville was severely battered by high winds and rain last night and this morning.

It’s still continuing as I write this, after midday.

The water in the lough is extremely choppy and the long grass is at nearly a 90 degree angle to the norm in Fair Green.

Storm Picked Up Last Night

It really started to pick up late last night and around 11:30pm last night the lights suddenly went out all over Moville.

Luckily we already had a candle lit on the mantelpiece and so didn’t have to go scurrying around in the dark for both candles and a light.

When I went to bed at around one o’clock the lights were still out.

However, I’m told they came back on again at about 1:15am.

That’s pretty quick for around here. I wasn’t expecting them to come back on till sometime this morning.

Before the Age of TV and the Internet

It was an opportunity to see how it was before TV, and the advent of he internet, when people had to make their own entertainment.

My sister and son were visiting here along with one of my children.

I suggested a singsong and started it off but there were no takers.

I also played a couple of songs on keyboards and asked if someone wanted to play a couple of songs on guitar – but there were no takers again.

That bygone age is now well and truly bygone and won’t be coming back even for an evening it seems.

Ah well!

The storm is expected to abate some time this afternoon and we’ll be back to normal – whatever normal is.