Moville is Back

Moville had a bumper summer this year with lots of visitors.

The town has been hit very badly by the downturn of 2008.

It was hit much harder than the average Irish town.

Business after business closed as visitors numbers and profits plunged.

It had been floating gently upwards in he last few years – but from very low levels.

That all changed this year.

Major Advance in Moville Economy

It was not just a small advance in Moville’s economy like the last few years but a major leap forward.

Of course, the sunny weather in the first half of the summer up to mid July, helped.

However, the visitors kept coming well after the weather had changed in mid-July.

I remember looking for accommodation in Moville for the DylanFest in late August so I could advise visitors where to ring and who to contact.

However, I couldn’t find any.

All the local hotels were full in advance.

There was no accommodation to point visitors to.

It was a similar story throughout the summer I’m told.

Foyle Hotel Opening

The Foyle Hotel being open must have been a factor too.

It has been full to the brim both for guests and diners, I’m told.

The Wild Atlantic Way is another factor.

Unemployment Falling

I saw in the Inishowen Independent that unemployment is falling too in Inishowen, which is great news.

It seems that unemployment in Inishowen went from 1,794 in August 2007 to 4,821 in August 2009 hitting a peak of 5,044 in August 2011.

It has fallen back to 2,373 in August 2017. That fell to 2,086 in August this year. That’s only about 300 above the figure in the boom years.

Maybe in a few years time Moville will have to import workers rather than export them.

Maybe some of the young people who went abroad can come back home again.

So, it’s all systems go in Moville.

It might be an idea to book early for next year if you are coming.