Dining Out in Inish Fusion

Myself and my two dining companions (they don’t like me to name them) have eaten out at Inish Fusion twice in the last two weeks.

The first week was on a Thursday and last week on a Friday.

The fact that we went back is already a good pointer to whether we enjoyed it or not.

We did!

Early Bird Menu

You get a fantastic deal on both of those nights.

Firstly you can dine from the early bird menu all day – which keeps down your costs.

Secondly, you can bring your own bottle.

The first week we brought two nice bottles of Prosecco with us.

The second week we brought another Prosecco and also a Premier Cru Montagny.

That’s the great thing about Bring Your Own Bottle.

You can bring bottles of wine that would cost you an absolute fortune if you bought them in a restaurant.

Helpful Inish Fusion Workers

The girls working there were very helpful both times and brought us Coolers with ice in them to help keep the wine chilled.

While we were able to pop open the Prosecco by ourselves and had brought along a wine bottle opener, the girl who waited on us had the Montagny opened for us.

That was a good start.

Good for Vegetarians

Another great omen was that here were four different dishes for vegetarians.

I’m not a  vegetarian myself but one of my dining companions is. So, she was delighted.

I had the Potato Skins to start with and they were very good. Indeed I had that starter both weeks.

I also had the same main course dish both times as well.

Battered Haddock

It was that battered haddock.

It was excellent the first week – one of the best haddocks I’ve had.

Would it be as good a second time?

It certainly was.

The chips came in a miniature of those fryer dishes that they do the chips in in a chip shop.

That was a nice touch.

My two dining companions enjoyed their meals both nights.

On the second night, I was the only one to have a dessert.

Dessert Time

Again I had the same as as last time – it was Apple Crumble.

I really must try some of the other dishes but all three courses were so good last time that I had to get them again.

I would have liked to come to the Steak and Ribs night on the Wednesday too – but it doesn’t seem likely to be good for vegetarians.

So, what did it all come to?

Inish Fusion Menu Cost

It was 57 Euros the first night, which is 19 Euros each and 54 Euros the second night which is 18 Euros each.

That’s not including the cost of the wine, obviously.

The Prosecco cost me £12 a bottle in Sainsbury’s and the Premier Cru Montagny was around £24 a bottle if I remember correctly.

They would both be at least double that if they were sold in a restaurant.

Relaxed Atmosphere

One of the most important things when you go out to eat is the ambience in a restaurant.

Even if the food is good, if the ambience is not nice with miserable unhelpful staff it can spoil the night.

However, the atmosphere in Inish Fusion was excellent with relaxed and friendly waitresses – very helpful too.

So, would I go back again?

Damn right I would.

Favourite Wines

I must stock up on my favourite wines next time I am in Derry, ready for my next Thursday / Friday trip to Inish Fusion.

You should give it a shot too.

Here’s their weekly promotions:-

Weekly Promotions

Wednesday – Steak and Ribs

Thursday & Friday– BYOB & Early Bird served all evening

Saturday– Meal for 2 & Bottle of House Wine for €60

Sunday– 12.30-4pm – Sunday Lunch -3 Courses for €19
From 4pm Early Bird Menu all evening.

Here’s a link to their Early Bird menu – Early Bird Menu.