New Sewage Treatment Plant

I see from the local press that Irish Water has announced that it is going to put in place a Sewage Treatment Plant in Moville Area by 2022.

They are planning to submit a planning request in 2019 to the local authority.

However, it has not announced where it is going to be.

And that was the main problem in the first place.

Enda Craig and Carnagarve Group

Enda Craig and his Carnagarve Group have successfully fought against it being built in Carnagarve for well over 20 years.

So, they will give the new project cautious approval.

I think that everyone agrees that we don’t want to continue to pollute the Bredagh River with effluent which then flows into Lough Foyle.

The problem has always been its positioning.

Nimbys or Campaigners

I think that in the early stages many people in Moville thought of the Carnagarve Group as being Nimby’s.

However, the arrogance of those authorities trying to force the building of it at Carnagarve and the colossal amounts of money they were spending to force through its positioning at the Carnagarve site turned people’s opinions – mine included.

Irish Water say they will talk to locals before announcing any decision on its positioning.

The Carnagarve Group have welcomed that.

However, the big question is is this just another phase in the powers-that-be trying to force Moville to have the sewage treatment plant at Carnagarve – or will they listen to local advice and position it elsewhere.

Currently no one knows.

Enda will be watching.