Foyle Ferry

The Foyle Ferry has been running back and forward all summer long from just after St Patrick’s Day.

It brings a phenomenal amount of business to Greencastle and Moville.

One previous business owner in Greencastle told me that 30% of his business came over in the ferry.

So, when it shut down for the winter it was a bit of a blow.

When it shut down for good for a few years it was devastating.

Foyle Ferry Timetable

It used to run to a timetable.

However, now it goes back and forth continuously – which is much better.

It started at 9am.

Last sailing from Greencastle was 8pm and from Magilligan it was 8:15pm.

But now is the last weekend for the ferry.

It closes for the winter on Sunday.

Last Sailing

Just one tip.

Since September the 3rd the last sailing from Greencastle has been 6pm and from Magilligan at 6:15pm.

Many people like to go across to The Point restaurant on the other side.

However, remember the new ‘last sail’ time and don’t get stuck on the other side.