If you’re not aware that there’s a new restaurant in town, then there’s something very wrong!! The Treehouse opened it’s doors on Friday evening and has the entire area talking about it since. The decor, the food, the cocktails; it’s just the topic of conversation this weekend. And of course, it’s delightful to see our village thriving at present.

However, did you know that The Treehouse staff have hidden talents? Hmmm. Bar Manager Shaun Gallagher (aka Golly) – no not our Golly – so hard to believe there’s 2 of them……when you open the drinks menu, you find a lovely little poem inside on it’s sleeve. Titled simply, The Treehouse, it was penned by non other, than that very Bar Manager, Shaun.

It’s a lovely little touch to that menu, and it’s just another continuation of the literary theme I was met with on entering the building on Friday. Inside this Treehouse, you will find a little piece of WB Yeats, a little piece of Brian Friel and you will find (in the flesh) the very talented, Shaun Gallagher.

The Treehouse

A Tree house, a tree house,

A secret you and me house.

A high up in the leafy branches.

Cosy as can be house.


A street house, a neat house.

Be sure to wipe your feet house – 

It’s not my kind of place to be.

Let’s go drinking at The Tree House. 


So be sure to give that Bar Manager a pat of the back having penned such a lovely little piece which just heightens the literary theme alongside our great literary giants, Yeats and Friel. We now have Gallagher there too!!!