It’s the word on everyone’s lips of recent weeks (ok, months!!), ‘Just what will that menu be?’ No need to wait any longer. Just a short while ago The Treehouse Bar and Restaurant released that very menu. And it’s rather mouth watering.

That ‘Pan fried Hake’ has my name written all over it. The different menus can be viewed now at And I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

But before I/we even go sample this very menu, there’s one area that jumps out at me personally – that Children’s Menu. There’s just one pet hate I have about restaurant menus, and that’s the kids menu – it’s normally burger and chips; chicken strips and chips; fish fingers and chips etc. Many years ago, I had three little boys. Going out for dinner was never straightforward. They could get burger and chips at McDonalds. A restaurant was no treat when all they had was similar. Just recently I was at another Inishowen restaurant and there was a child in our company. She ordered a child’s steak from the children’s menu. I was so impressed with this option. There was a number of other excellent choices on that same menu for kids. For many years we were ordering ‘half-portions’ of adult meals for those little boys – many restaurant staff were not impressed. But when one is taken for a treat, one really does want a treat.

So as I looked over this Children’s menu at The Treehouse Bar and Restaurant, I was rather impressed. They can still have that ‘burger and chips’ or ‘fish-finger and chips’ if so wished, but they also have the option of ‘chicken escalope or a child’s steak’. Now that’s what I call a Children’s Menu.

I don’t plan on using that particular menu, but I know a few friends who will welcome it for their little ones. so it’s back to that main menu for me:  where shall I start? Definitely the Hake. And then I might just work my way through the remainder!!!

And it will all be available very soon. Opening this Friday evening at 5pm. There really is a new restaurant in town. Right here in the village. Lots of luck to all, as you open this weekend.