It’s not often I go a morning walk and return home with the temper flaring.  But today was one of those days. Just past the end of my street and neighbouring Grove Cottages, the road is awash with KFC litter. Just thrown out of a car window last night and left to clutter and litter up the neighourhood.

I’m assuming it was indeed thrown from a car window, as the nearest KFC to here is Strand Road in Derry, so presumably the culprits didn’t purchase their fast-food and then walk home to walk off those calories!! Highly unlikely.

What’s really infuriating about this ugly sight is that so many people in the village work tirelessly to keep it tidy and clean. It’s with great pride in the village that young families, long-term residents and the community in general come out week after week and clean the streets. We have Warrenview Manor resident John Poots who cleans the village streets daily. Muff Tidy Towns are doing a fantastic job here in the village. And then we have those infuriating litterbugs who clearly couldn’t care less.

Those litterbugs were nearing home which makes the whole incident so annoying. Why not just bring these pieces of paper and cardboard home and put in the bin, or burn. Just doesn’t make sense.

So whomever you are I really hope you did indeed enjoy your KFC supper last night. Because the aftermath you left behind is one NOT to be enjoyed by anyone.

#LitterBugs #ShameOnYou